We provide comprehensive services that span the entire enterprise.

RITWIK Infotech delivers IT services on any infrastructure quickly and cost-effectively with our broad portfolio of hybrid cloud infrastructure, application services, cloud-native application development, and automation solutions. We’re a tech company with a mission to help successful companies extend their tech capacity.

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ERP Services

We help today’s businesses efficiently deliver their technological vision by assuring quality, mitigating risks, and enhancing digital experience.

Digital Technologies

Leading innovative technologies to address the industry challenges

  • Oracle Integrations Cloud(OIC)Services
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware Track
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Track
  • Cusotm Application development
  • Business process management

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) brings together all the capabilities of Application Integration, Process Automation, Visual Application Building and Integration Analytics into a single unified cloud service. Oracle Integration Cloud now brings real-time and batch based integration, structured and unstructured processes, case management, stream analytics and integration insight allowing customers to service all their end to end integration needs in one cohesive platform so that all users can now build and deliver capabilities needed to realize true Digital Business Transformations.


Oracle Fusion Middleware is the cloud platform for digital business for the enterprise and the cloud. Our strategy for Middleware is to continue to modernize the platform while providing bridging technologies to cloud-native application development and deployment.


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) used by enterprise-scale companies. With a full suite of managed services for hosting, storage, networking, databases, and more.


RITWIK Infotech’s application development services give you access to expert engineering teams which build applications by leveraging the latest tool stacks and using industry-validated application development practices.


Ritwik infotech Business Process Management (BPM) services provide Digital Process Automation (DPA) and superior customer experience. Our pre-configured solutions and accelerators ensure that we address process inefficiencies and gaps to realize maximum benefits out of process automation in the long run.



Serving Industries with Oracle Cloud ERP Services, Netsuite ERP and digital technology solutions.

Financial Institutions


Maximize your profits and remove all the bottlenecks from your operations by adopting our efficient business process management systems.

Healthcare & Insurance


We combine expertise from ERP Consultants, Cloud Engineers, ERP Architects, Healthcare Engineers and analysts to ensure application is setup for holistic success from start.

Shipping & Logistics


Around the world, Shipping & Logistics hubs have to contend with modernity and multiple challenges in order to ensure a very high level of service. Intensive planning and well-defined procedures must be carried out in order to ensure sound management.



Telecom solutions have immense growth potential as providers of critical communications infrastructure and connectivity between customers and digital services providers.



We, at RITWIK Infotech Education Practice, act as an enabler to help educational institutions identify and deal with the changing environment and implementing Cloud ERP Services.

Energy & Utilities


Innovations in Power and Utility technology, such as new storage battery options, smartphone-based thermostat apps, and other techno innovations, are advancing at a pace that has surprised designers and users alike. Customers are asking for these products.



We Help Business Succeed Through Innovative Technology Solutions

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